Little Gull (Hydrocoloeus minutus)

Number of accepted Little Gull records for Louisiana = 12 as of Ocotber 2017

Accepted Records

One male (1973-07) in worn first basic plumage on 31 March 1973, Cameron: 3 mi. N Holly Beach on “Magnolia Road”; Dan A. Tallman (LSUMZ 73127, skin plus trunk skeleton) and Robert J. Newman. This represents the first state record and only the third record for a Gulf Coast state at the time (Lowery 1974).

One immature (1985-11) photographed between Holly Beach and Johnson's Bayou, Cameron Parish, from 27 April to 12 May 1985 (Kenneth V. Rosenberg*, Paul M. McKenzie, Robert D. Purrington; David Bruce Crider, et al).

One molting from first basic to first alternate plumage (1994-24) from 26-27 Apr. 1994, Cameron: W of (town of) Holly Beach; Jim Holmes (ph), Marcus Roening, John A. Gerwin, Paul E. Conover (ph only) (FN 48 (3):308; LOS159).

Video still and video by Gary Broussard

One in definitive alternate plumage (1996-75) on 6 Apr. 1996, Cameron: W of (town of) Holly Beach; Joseph P. Kleiman (ph).

One adult in basic plumage (1999-037) on 25 March 1999, Cameron: Holly Beach, 2-3 mi. W of town of Holly Beach; Robby J. Bacon.

One (2000-11) in first basic plumage on 29 Apr 2000, Cameron: Cameron, sewage oxidation ponds on East Jetty Road; B. Mac Myers III (ph) and Phillip Wallace (ph); NAB 54(3): 292.

One in 1st basic plumage (2005-14) on 19 Feb 2005, Vermilion: 1 mi. E of Hwy. 35 on Gladu Road; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff; NAB59(2):280.

One first cycle (2007-24) on 31 March 2007, Cameron: East Jetty Beach, approximately 2 mi. S Cameron; Devin Bosler and Justin Bosler (sketch only).

Sketch by Justin Bosler

One adult in basic plumage (2008-51) on 5 January 2008, Cameron: Cameron, Calcasieu ship channel; Matthew Pontiff (photo).

Photos by Matt Pontiff

One adult in basic plumage (2009-01) from 24-31 January 2009, Jackson: Womack, Caney Creek Reservoir, approximately 5.5 mi. SSW Chatham, 32.2257oN, 92.4904oW; Justin Bosler (ph), Devin Bosler (ph), John Sevenair (photo), B. Mac Myers III, Phillip Wallace (ph), and Michael Musumeche.

Photo by John Sevenair

One in first basic plumage (2011-013) from 12 April-31 May 2011, Cameron: various locations along Calcasieu Ship Channel/Davis Road, S of Cameron; Devin Bosler (ph), Michael Musumeche (ph), Robert D. Purrington (ph) Kevin Leigh (photo only), Tom Trenchard (ph), Mary Mehaffey (photos only), and Dave Patton (photos only, see also North American Birds 65(3)60), Jay Huner.

Photos by R. Dan Purrington and Kevin Leigh

One (2014-038) on 5 April 2014, Cameron: about 2 mi. W town of Holly Beach; Paul E. Conover (ph).
  Photo by Paul Conover

Unaccepted Records

One adult (2009-113) on 7 February 2009, Jackson: Caney Creek Reservoir. This report almost certainly pertained to LBRC 2009-001 (found on 24 January 2009) but the report was based on memory and details were superficial. Most Members believed that the documentation did not warrant extending the "last observed" date for 2009-001.