Broad-billed Hummingbird, Cynanthus latirostris

Number of accepted Broad-billed Hummingbird records for Louisiana > 35 as of November 2017

Accepted Records

One adult male (90-79) from 2 Nov. 1990-5 Jan. 1991, Jefferson: Metairie, 3016 45th Street, (Casa Colibri); Nancy L. Newfield (banded 8 Dec.-#X36942; a rectrix and several throat feathers deposited at LSUMNS), Paul Newfield III (ph only), David P. Muth (ph), Cecil C. Kersting, John P. Sevenair, Alfred E. and Gwen B. Smalley (ph)(AB45(1): 116; (2):285).

One adult male (92-68) from 30 Nov. 1992-4 Mar. 1993, St. Mary: Amelia; 3316 Lake Palourde Road; Sweetie and Donald Mire (ph), Roger J. Breedlove, Jonathan L. Dunn, Alfred E. and Gwen B. Smalley, Curtis A. Marantz (ph), Charles A. Butterworth (card), and Nancy L. Newfield (banded 1 Dec.- #TO1468; card) (AB 47(l):106, AB 47(2):268).

One male in first basic plumage (1992-09; formerly 93-15) from last week of December 1992-18 Jan. 1993, Jefferson: Metairie, River Ridge, 233 Thoreau Street (residence of and found by Jan and Cornell Tramontane); Alfred E. Smalley (ph), Curtis A. Marantz (ph), and Nancy L. Newfield (banded 3 Jan.-#TOI495; card). Vaguely referred to in AB 47(2):268.

One immature male (95-02) from 7 Jan to at least 4 Feb 1995, Orleans: New Orleans, 88 Egret Street (residence of Gwen B. Smalley); David Muth (card only), Phillip Wallace (ph taken 14 Jan), Nancy L. Newfield (card only, banded on 4 Feb); NASFN 49(2): 157; LOS News 164: 7. Reportedly first observed about 5 Jan (fide Muth). This is the fifth Louisiana record.

One adult male (97-03) on 4-11 Jan. 1997, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, 12634 Goodwood Blvd. (residence of Roy and Betty Walker); Dave Patton, Laurence C. Binford, Miriam Davey, and Joseph P. Kleiman (ph) (FN5 1(3):759).

One adult male (1999-001) on 3 and 7 January 1998, Lafourche: Thibodaux, 601 Evergreen Dr., residence of Dot Pugh; M. Elizabeth Maniscalco and Nancy L. Newfield (banding report and feathers).

One male (98-78) from mid-Dec 1998 to at least 5 Jan 1999, Terrebonne: Houma, 854 School Street; Melanie Naquin (ph taken 23 & 26 Dec). Reportedly banded by Nancy L. Newfield (fide Naquin).

One female (98-79) on 28 Dec 1998, Vermilion: Abbeville (residence of Mrs. Thompson; but also appeared at residence of Elizabeth Edwards); Dave Patton (banded, band No. Y01730; ph); NAB 53(2): 175.

One immature male (99-78) from 4-22 Nov 1999, Ascension: Prairieville, Manchac Highlands subdivision (residence of Anne Gregory); Miriam L. Davey, Laurence C. Binford, Karen Fay, Michael A. Seymour (ph only taken 6 Nov, in NAB 54(2): 229), and Alan Wormington (ph only taken 22 Nov); NAB 54(1): 63. Although the bird was mentioned in the NAB winter season regional summary (NAB 54(2): 189), the photograph appearing therein was taken during the fall season, and there is no evidence on file that the bird was present beyond 22 Nov 1999.

One female (99-81) from 11-26 Dec 1999, Orleans: New Orleans, Louisiana Nature Center; Glenn Ousset, David P. Muth (card only), Kenneth V. Rosenberg (ph only taken 26 Dec), Bob Marshall (ph only taken 26 Dec- reportedly published in Times- Picayune, fide Muth).

One immature male (00-49) from 28 Dec 2000 to at least 6 Jan 2001, Lafourche: Thibodaux (residence of Barbara and Michael Gauthier); M. Mark Swan (ph taken 4 Jan); erroneously reported as first seen on 4 Jan in NAB 55(2): 181. Discovered by John Conover on Thibodaux CBC; reportedly banded by Nancy L. Newfield on 6 Jan 2001 (fide Swan).

One adult male (2001-50) from 5-7 Nov 2001, Rapides: Alexandria (residence of Becky & Wayne Watkins); Malcolm Mark Swan (ph, card only); NAB56(1):63.

One adult female (2001-83) from 9 Nov 2001 to at least 11 Mar 2002, St. Tammany:Covington, 703 E. 19th Avenue; Linda Beall (banded on 10 Nov, band no. R06087, ph, and banding data).

One adult male (2001-34) from 12 Nov 2001-12 Jan 2002, Orleans: New Orleans, Mirabeau Gardens Playspot; David P. Muth (ph) and Nancy L. Newfield (banded on 2 Jan, band no. Y03336, feather deposited at LSUMNS, and banding data); NAB56(1):63.

One immature female (2002-14) on 5 Jan 2002, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, 1514 W. Fairview Drive (residence of Pat & Charlie Weigel); Nancy L. Newfield (banded during Baton Rouge CBC, band no. Y03329, feather deposited at LSUMNS, and banding data); NAB56(2):185.

One adult male (2002-13) on 6 Jan 2002, East Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge, 636 Magnolia Wood Drive (residence of Bob Price); Nancy L. Newfield (banded, band no. Y03330, feather deposited at LSUMNS, and banding data).

One adult female (2002-04) on 23 Jan 2002, Ascension: Donaldsonville (Sagona residence); Dave Patton (banded) and Gary Phillips (ph only). This bird was apparently "shared" with Lynn Becnel, whose residence was approximately 1/4 mi. away (fide Dave Patton).

One immature female (2002-08) from 26-28 Jan 2002, Lafourche: Thibodaux, Waverly Oaks Subdivision, 206 Pamela Place; Beth H. Maniscalco and Nancy L. Newfield (banded 28 Jan, band no. Y03346, feather deposited at LSUMNS, and banding data); NAB56(2):185.

One immature female (2002-07) on 18 Feb 2002, St. Tammany: Covington, 23 Cardinal Road (residence of Margaret & John Owens); Nancy L. Newfield (banded, band no. Y03349, feather deposited at LSUMNS, and banding data).

One adult male (2003-14) from 23 Oct 2003-6 Mar 2004, St. John the Baptist: Reserve, 211 NW 4th Street (residence of Ronald J. Stein) and also visiting homes during that period of Joe Zeringue (1 mi. S) and Gene Street (5 mi. E); Ronald J. Stein and Lynn Becnel (ph), Nancy L. Newfield (banded and color marked 11 Nov); NAB58(1):91.

Photo by Lynn Becnel

One 2nd year male (2004-01) on 30 Jan 2004, St. Tammany: Pearl River (residence of Luscinda and Preston Landry); Mark Myers (banded, band no. 11316, feathers deposited at LSUMNS, ph); location incorrectly reported as “Pearl City” in NAB58(2):242.

Photo by Mark Myers

One adult male (2004-54) from 11-16 Nov 2004, Vermilion: Gueydan (residence of Elizabeth and Ken Guidry); Dave Patton (ph, banded 16 Nov); discovered by Elizabeth Guidry.

Photo by Dave Patton

One first year male (2005-37) from at least 13-16 Dec 2005, Iberia: New Iberia, 1621 Southwood Drive; Michael J. Musumeche (ph) and Dave Patton (banded 16 Dec) (ph). This individual was recaptured on 13 Apr 2006 in Colorado Springs, CO as reported in NAB60(3):407.

Photo by Michael J. Musumeche

One adult male (2007-19) from 5 Jan-25 Feb 2007, Tangipahoa: Hammond, 805 W. Robert Street; Rusty Mahony (ph) and DeeDee Mahony, Linda Beall (banded, banding data, ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph); NAB61(2)281.

Photo by Rusty Mahony

One male (2007-88) late December 2007 to 28 January 2008, St. Charles: Luling; Kay Davey (ph only) and Nancy L. Newfield.

One immature male (2008-20) on 11 February 2008, Lafayette: Lafayette (residence of Judy Grand); Dave Patton (ph). Homeowner reported that bird was present since the second week of January 2008.

Photo by Dave Patton

One female (2010-131) on 26 November 2010 and 13 January 2011, Tangipahoa: Robert, Chemekette Rd., residence of Alma Chasez; Mary Mehaffey (ph). Reportedly banded by Linda Beall; reported by homeowner(?) as first arrived 7 November 2010 and last observed 2 March 2011.

Photo by Mary Mehaffey

One adult male (2010-83) on 17 December 2010-18 February 2011, St. James: Paulina; Irvin Louque Jr. (ph), Nancy L. Newfield (banded, band no. H-44426, rectrix saved, banding data), and Jay V. Huner.

Photo by Irvin Louque Jr.

One adult male (2010-51) on 28 December 2010- 20 February 2011, Lafayette: Lafayette, Riverwoods subdivision 2.9 km N Milton, Dave Patton (banded, ph) Erik I. Johnson (ph), Jay V. Huner, and Toddy Guidry. Discovered by homeowner, Elaine Bourque, who reported bird arrived a few weeks earlier.

Photo by Dave Patton

One male (2011-05) on 23-24 February 2011, Calcasieu: Moss Bluff, 569 Little Burns Drive; Jeanie Pousson (ph).

Photo by Jeanie Pousson

One female (2013-008) on 2 and 26 January 2013, St. Tammany: Mandeville, Antenor St.; Claire Thomas (ph).

Photo by Claire Thomas

One male (2016-011) on 12-22 February 2016; Jefferson: Marrero, woodlot at the end of Caddy Dr., vicinity of N29.8658423o, W 90.1158446o; James W. Beck (ph), Linda Kingsland (ph only), Jon W. Wise, Janine Robin, Nancy L. Newfield, and Joan Garvey (ph).

Photo by James W. Beck

One adult female (2016-052) on 7 October 2016-17 December 2016, Terrebonne: Houma, 4815 Grand Caillou Rd., N29.475, W 90.708333; Steve Locke (ph), Nancy L. Newfield (banded K26609) , and Jennifer Gibson (ph only). Present to 12 March 2017 (fide Nancy L. Newfield/Jennifer Gibson).

Photo by Steve Locke

One immature male (2016-037) on 3 November-15 December 2016, Jefferson: Metairie, 4900 Page Dr., N30.0249, W90.2089; David Whipple (ph) and Nancy L. Newfield (banded, banding data) . End date based on last eBird report that included a photograph.

Photo by David Whipple

One immature female (2016-040) on 20 November 2016-17 January 2017, St. Tammany: Covington, Swallow St., Janine Robin (ph) and Claire Thomas (ph). Banded by Linda Beall.

Photo by Janine Robin

One adult female (2017-003) on 4 February 2017, Assumption: Bayou L’Ourse, 144 Elaine Dr., N29.713, W91.0779; Nancy L. Newfield (banded) and Stephen M. Locke ( audio and ph only) .
Photos by Stephen M. Locke

Unaccepted Records

One adult male (1998-124) from 21-22 Dec 1998, East Feliciana: Jackson, 1 mi. S of Hwy. 10 on Line Road. This record went three circulations and ended with a mixed vote. This was a difficult record for the Committee because the observation occurred during the “invasion” winter of 1998-1999 that resulted in four well-documented records; NAB53(2):175 indicated “four Broad-billed Hummingbirds were banded in Louisiana, doubling the number previously banded. The description of this bird suggested an adult male, and the identification should have been fairly straightforward. However, the observer was inexperienced with this species and with reporting rarities. Disagreement among members centered mainly on whether or not to give the observer the “benefit of the doubt.” Dissenting members argued that the record had to be able to stand on its own merits and that some other species could not be ruled-out by the superficial description.

One female (2005-02) on 16 Apr 2005, Vermilion: Palmetto Island State Park, near boat launch. The observation was very brief and reported by only one of six observers. All members believed that the submitted details, which emphasized the perceived relative size of the bird and that it had a red-based bill, did not provide enough support to allow acceptance of the identification.