LOS FALL MEETING: Friday, October 24, 2003 - Cameron LA

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President Rosemary Seidler. Thanks were given to the Knights of Columbus, Judy Fruge, Marianna Tanner Primeaux, Judith O’Neale, Joseph Vallee, Elouise Mullen and Doc & Matilde Smith.

LOS Officers and Board Members were introduced:
Vice President Karen Fay, Secretary Treasurer Judith O’Neale, Past-President Marty Guidry, Board Member Joan Brown and JLO Editor Jim Ingold. Not present: Board Members Gay Gomez and Lee Ellis, LOS News Editors Kay Radlauer and Dennis Demcheck and David L’Hoste, Webmaster.

There will be a Board Meeting immediately following the meeting at Dyson House. The field trip will leave from the Cameron Motel at 6:30 Saturday morning.

The fee to the east jetties will be waived for LOS members this weekend to visit the observation tower. The lighthouse road is open but care should be taken if it rains. The Henry’s have asked that cars pull off the road if stopping on the roads behind the courthouse and also on East Jetty road. Willow Island and Secret Place are open for birders this weekend.

Tickets for the observation tower fund will be available Friday and Saturday nights.

Dr. Beth Leuck presented an interesting program on cormorants based on her summer studies in Lake Michigan.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

LOS FALL MEETING: Saturday, October 25, 2003 - Cameron LA

President Rosemary Seidler opened the meeting at 7:25 p.m.

Sammy Faulk of the Cameron Parish Tourist Bureau welcomed LOS to Cameron and spoke briefly about a proposed festival and requested assistance from LOS members. He also thanked LOS for their part in providing funds for the observation tower that the Cameron Parish Police Jury constructed.

Rosemary expressed thanks to Marianna Primeaux and Judy Fruge, Elouise Mullen, Joseph Vallee and Judith O’Neale for their work on the meeting. Volunteers are needed for hospitality and sales tables.

Rosemary introduced the Officers and Board Members: Vice President Karen Fay, Past President Marty Guidry, Secretary/Treasurer Judith O’Neale, Board Members Gay Gomez, Joan Brown, and JLO editor Jim Ingold. Not present: LOS News editors Dennis Demcheck and Kay Radlauer, Board Member Lee Ellis and Webmaster David L’Hoste

Rosemary thanked Dr. Beth Leuck for her excellent program on Friday night.

The minutes of the last annual meeting, October 26, 2002, were read by Secretary/Treasurer Judith O’Neale. Roger Breedlove moved to accept the minutes as read. Motion was seconded and approved.

Judith gave the financial report. Roger Breedlove moved to accept the report as presented and the motion was seconded and approved.

Grace Eyster, a past president of LOS, was introduced.

The LOS proposed bylaw changes were presented as printed in the LOS News. Marty Guidry moved to approve the bylaw changes. The motion was seconded and approved.

The nominating committee, composed of Gay Gomez, Marty Guidry and Joan brown presented the slate of officers for 2003-2004.
President: Karen Fay
Vice President: Bill Fontenot
Secretary: Joelle Finley
Treasurer: Judith O’Neale
There were no nominations from the floor and the officers were elected by acclamation.

Karen Fay thanked Rosemary Seidler for being President for the past year. Karen read the checklist with a total of 171 birds. Final prizes were awarded for the observation tower donation drawing. (Over $3,000 raised.) Gay Gomez introduced her guests, JoAnn Nunez and Freddie Theriot, Cameron area residents. Gay gave an interesting and informative talk on the Whooping Cranes in Southwest Louisiana. A big thank you was given to the Knights of Columbus.

Judith L. O'Neale
Lafayette LA
LOS Secretary/Treasurer

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