Red Crossbill,  Loxia curvirostra

Number of accepted Red Crossbill records for Louisiana = 1 as of July 2015

Accepted Records

One female (2012-018) on 10-13 January 2012, West Feliciana: St. Francisville, 12200 Star Hill Trace; Karen Fay (ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph), Dave Patton (ph), B. Mac Myers III, (ph) [and Jay Huner].

Photo by B. Mac Myers III

Unaccepted Records

"Five (actual number anywhere from 3 to 12)” (1988-04; formerly 89-2) on 26 May 1988, Grant: 8 mi. SSW Howcutt. The identification was based solely on vocalizations heard for 5-7 seconds of a flock passing overhead; the birds were never observed. The 'kip-kip-kip-kip" call reported by the observer may have pertained to this species, but the observer did not discuss or eliminate the very similar sounding White-winged Crossbill, a long-shot possibility. One Member argued that, for a species this rare, identification should not be based on vocalization alone (in the absence of tape documentation).

Two or three (1997-11) on 7 January 1997, Vernon: 2 mi. S of Caverns. The observer only saw birds in silhouette and reported “typical flight call.” And, although the observer is probably experienced with members of this complex, without going into greater detail about the actual calls, or seeing the birds, all Members believed the report was not sufficient for acceptance.

One (2007-009) on 6 February 2007, Lafayette: 2 mi. N Carencro, 1 mi. W Hwy. 182. The very rudimentary description was a sticking point for most Members, and some Members also believed that the description could pertain to a male House Finch with a deformed bill. The report was ultimately found unacceptable.