Plumbeous Vireo,  Vireo plumbeus

Number of accepted Plumbeous Vireo records for Louisiana = 1 as of June 2015

Accepted Records

One immature (1984-03; formerly 85-36) collected (LSUMZ 118774) at Hackberry Ridge, west of Johnson's Bayou, Cameron Parish, on 16 September 1984 (Van Remsen). This western subspecies breeds in the Great Basin and Rocky Mountains. While the Committee does not normally review records of subspecies [record published in 1988, prior to split of Solitary Vireo--Editor], recent unpublished information (fide V. Remsen) suggests that the "Plumbeous" form may represent a full species. This form has now been added to the Review List.

Unaccepted Records

One (1989-113) on 11 May. 1989, Cameron: Holleyman Migratory Bird Sanctuary (reported as a Solitary Vireo in AB 43(3):494). An exceptionally late record for any form of Solitary Vireo in Louisiana. The description and the one color photograph were more suggestive of a worn eastern solitarius or the larger and grayer Appalachian subspecies alticola than western plumbeus or cassinii. The photograph indicated a Solitary Vireo with a bright, pale yellowish color on the sides of the breast and flanks, and a crisp break between the dark face and the white throat. V. s. plumbeus shows a more uniform wash of grayish-green along the sides of the breast and flanks and less demarcation between a more grayish-white throat and face.

One (1993-02) on 16 Apr 1993, Cameron: Little Pecan Island, approximately 30 mi. E of Cameron. The Committee agreed that the description did not rule out the larger, darker gray (but very similar in appearance) Appalachian subspecies of Blue-headed Vireo (V. solitarius alticola) or perhaps a very worn and dull nominate Blue-headed.

One (1994-125) on 31 Dec 1994, St. John the Baptist: Laplace. Although the description was suggestive of this species, members agreed that it was not detailed enough to support the identification.

One (2005-08) on 30 Jan 2005, Livingston: Springfield, Tickfaw State Park. All members agreed that the very brief description did not rule out Appalachian Blue-headed Vireo (V. s. alticola). The observer did not specifically mention this taxon in the “similar species” section of the report, suggesting unfamiliarity with this subspecies or its similarity to Plumbeous Vireo.

One first-year (2007-026) on 14 April 2007, Jefferson: Grand Isle, TNC Grilletta Tract. Although reported by a reliable observer, identification of vagrant “Solitary Vireos” is a serious identification challenge, especially during spring when individuals (especially first-year individuals) can be in worn/faded plumage. In this case of a potential second state (and first spring and SE Louisiana) occurrence, photos were not obtained, and the description did not convincingly eliminate a relatively dull and/or worn Blue-headed Vireo, notably the grayer Appalachian subspecies V. solitarius alticola.

There is only one accepted record of Plumbeous Vireo for the State, a specimen taken in Cameron 16 Sep 1984. Extralimital sight records of this species complex are extremely problematic, and every effort should be made to obtain photographic or specimen documentation.