Lark Bunting,  Calamospiza melanocorys

Number of accepted Lark Bunting records for Louisiana = 11 as of July 2015

One male (1952-13) on 4 September 1952, Jefferson: 5 mi. NW Grand Isle ; George H. Lowery, Jr. (LSUMZ 18551). This is the first state record (Lowery 1974).

One female (1973-01) on 23 December 1973, Plaquemines: between Triumph and Fort Jackson; Robert J. Newman, S. A. Gauthreaux (LSUMZ 75532) and P. Bruner (*). This is the second state record (Lowery 1974).

One (1991-58; formerly 94-58) on 21 Sep. 1991, Lafourche: beach at Port Fourchon, about 2.4 mi. E of Hwy. 3090; B. Mac Myers III (ph) and Curtis C. Sorrells (AB 46(1): 107; LOS 145). Reported in AB as the "4th state record"; it is actually the third accepted record.

One male mostly in alternate plumage (1995-90) on 17 Sep. 1995, Cameron: Johnsons Bayou, Hwy. 27 at intersection Gulfview Ave.; Daniel F. Lane, J. V. Remsen (LSUMZ 162240), and Steven W. Cardiff (*) (FN 50(1):69; LOS 169).

One female (1997-73) on 26 April 1997, Calcasieu: Fruge Rd., just N of intersection with Duhon Rd.; Laurence C. Binford, Joseph P Kleiman, and Winston Caillouet.

One (1997-34) from 25 Nov-14 Dec 1997, Jefferson: Lake Pontchartrain at Bucktown Waterfront, Peter H. Yaukey (ph taken 25 Nov) and Phillip Wallace; FN 52(1): 74 and FN 52(2): 211.
Photo by Peter Yaukey

One male (1999-114) in first alternate plumage on 9 Apr 1999, Cameron: Cameron, along road to East Jetty; M. Mark Swan (ph only).

One female (2012-010) on 19 February-10 March 2012, Jefferson Davis: Miller Oilfield Road just W of Oilfield Road, W of Welsh landfill and approximately 3 mi. NE of Lacassine; Paul Conover (ph), Donna L. Dittmann and Steven W. Cardiff (ph); Tom Finnie (ph), Justin Bosler (ph on p. 13), Jay V. Huner (ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph only) , James Beck (ph only), Dave Patton (ph only), Tom Finnie (ph only), Gary Broussard (ph only), and David Ringer (ph).
See also: 2012 LBRC Newsletter, pages 9 and 13.

Photos by Gary Broussard, video by Paul Conover

One female (2012-064) on 10 March 2012, Jefferson Davis: Constance X W Verret roads, approximately 4.6 mi. SSW of Lacassine; Glenn F. Seeholzer and John Mittermeier (ph only).
See also: 2013 LBRC Newsletter, pages 16 and 21.
Photo by John Mittermeier.

One (2012-055) on 14 October 2012, Cameron: Cameron, Beach X Isaac streets; Paul E. Conover (ph).
See also: 2013 LBRC Newsletter, pages 16 and 21.
Photo by Paul Conover

One female (2014-059) on 21 December 2014, Natchitoches: Hampton St., ESE of Natchitoches, N 31.7229o, W 92.9902o; Jeff Trahan (ph). This is the eleventh accepted state occurrence.

Photo by Jeff Trahan