Hepatic Tanager (Piranga flava)

Number of accepted Hepatic Tanager records for Louisiana = 2 as of July 2015  

Accepted Records

A male (82-37) collected (LSUMZ 105459) at Peveto Beach Woods, Cameron Parish on 7 May 1982 (Steven W. Cardiff). This is the first record for Louisiana, and only the second for the eastern United States.

One female (1983-12; formerly 84-20) collected (LSUMZ 112120) at Peveto Beach Woods, Cameron Parish, on 22 May 1983 (Van Remsen; David Muth). This bird, the second found in Louisiana, was found only 100 yards from the location of the first state record, found there on 7 May 1982 (see LOS News 107, December 1984).

Unaccepted Records

One adult male (1994-71) on 9 May 1994, Cameron: Peveto Beach Woods. Although the written description described the plumage and call note fairly well (albeit much like a field guide), members were greatly concerned that the report was written nine months after the observation and that copies of the supporting field notes were not submitted. Most members believed this one-person sight record of a potential third state record, especially when considering the variation exhibited by Summer Tanager, should be supported by more extensive documentation or photographic evidence.