Gray Kingbird,  Tyrannus dominicensis

Number of accepted Gray Kingbird records for Louisiana = 30 as of June 2015  

Accepted Records

One (85-23) about 20 miles SSE of Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River (Plaquemines Parish) on 30 May 1985 (Mac Myers).

One or two birds (86-56) on 12 Apr. 1986, Jefferson: Grand Isle; Phillip Wallace, Frederick M. Barry (ph), Curtis SorrelIs, Kay Siebels, Bowie Hannah, Geneva Barry. Reported as present 10-19 Apr. in AB 40(3)487.

One immature female (87-29) on 23-25 Oct. 1987, Jefferson Davis: 2 mi. E junction Hwys. 14 & 99; Al Smalley, Gwen Smalley, Skip & Nancy Newfield, Jim Stewart, Cecil Kersting, Paul Sunby, J. V. Remsen, Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ #135199), Donna L. Dittmann (Purrington 1988, p. 90).

One (90-39) on 5 May 1990, St. Bernard, near town of Verret; David Spears (ph), Frank Groves, Glen Ousset (AB 44(3):442).

One adult (91-30) on 26 May 1991, Jefferson: E. end of Grand Isle; Phillip A. Wallace and Curtis C. Sorrells (AB 45(3):458; LOS 141).

One bird (93-52) on 7 Nov. 1993 and presumably the same bird on 5 Dec. 1993, Plaquemines: Venice, Coast Guard Station; R. D. Purrington, Norton Nelkin, Joseph P. Kleiman, and Gayle Strickland (ph only) (AB 48(1):119; ( 2)217).

One (1994-35) on 20 Apr 1994, Jefferson: Grand Isle at Caminada Pass; James Holmes, Jr. (ph); NASFN48(3):309.

One (94-69) on 18 May 1994, Jefferson: Grand Isle; Donna L. Dittmann and Steven W. Cardiff (ph) (FN 48(3):309; LOS 159).

One (98-12) on 28 Mar 1998, Jefferson: Grand Isle, W of Exxon facility; B. Mac Myers III (ph), Phillip Wallace, and George Payne (ph only; ph published in FN 52(3): 342, but mistakenly credited to George “Bayne”); FN 52(3): 342, LOS News 184: 16.

One (1998-111/98-54 [published twice]) on 2 Sep 1998, Orleans: New Orleans, University of New Orleans East Campus; Peter H. Yaukey (ph), David P. Muth (card only); NAB 53(1): 65. One of few fall records for Louisiana; arrival possibly associated with the passage of Tropical Storm Earl.

One adult male (99-11) on 30 Apr 1999, Gulf of Mexico: Ewing Bank 826A oil platform, 56 mi. S of Port Fourchon, 28o 09’ 48” N, 90 o 21’ 31” W; Jon R. King (LSUMZ; Donna L. Dittmann 6377); NAB 53(3): 290, LOS News 187: 3.

One (2000-22) on 13 May 2000, Lafourche: Port Fourchon off Hwy. 3090; Steve Hampton;NAB54(3):293.

Four or five, including one or two adults and three juveniles (2003-20), from 5-21 Jul 2003, Orleans: New Orleans, Lake Pontchartrain lakefront; David P. Muth (ph) and Mary Elaine Radford; NAB57(4):504.

Two adults (2004-09) from 9-15 May 2004, Cameron: approximately 1 mi. E Rutherford Beach community; Phillip A. Wallace (ph), David P. Muth (ph), B. Mac Myers III (ph), and (on 15 May) Paul E. Conover (ph); photo published in NAB58(3):385.

Photo by Paul E. Conover

One (2004-05) from 16 May-5 Sep 2004, Orleans: New Orleans, Lakeshore Drive, near Seabrook Bridge; Ed Wallace and Phillip A. Wallace (ph). LBRC report form pertains only to 16-28 May dates. Additional cards on file (by Phillip Wallace and David Muth), describe the following sequence of events: one adult first reported 16 May by Ed Wallace; adult found on nest 21 May by Nancy L. Newfield and seen through at least 26 May by P. Wallace; nest “gone” or abandoned on 1 Jun, but adult apparently building new nest, and new nest found with 3-4 nestlings on 3 Jul (Muth); an adult and 2 fledglings seen at least to 29 Jul (Muth); on 5 Sep, one pair with three juveniles found at UNO-East Campus, and the same or another pair with three juveniles found the same day at UNO Technology Park. See also NAB58(3):385, NAB58(4):545[includes photo taken 17 May by P. Wallace], and NAB59(1):93.

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

Two with a nest (2005-43) from 20-25 May 2005, Orleans: New Orleans, Lakeshore Drive near Seabrook Bridge; Jennifer O. Coulson (ph); NAB59(3):448 reports “at least two nests 7 May.” Record nos. 2003-20, 2004-05, and 2005-43 are the first confirmed breeding records for Louisiana.

One (2006-10) on 22 Apr 2006, Jefferson: Grand Isle (near residence of Bobby Santiny); Phillip A. Wallace (ph).

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One (2006-72) on 23 April 2006, Jefferson: Grand Isle, end of road E of Grand Isle State Park; Erik I. Johnson (ph). This may represent the same individual already reviewed (10th Report; 2006-11).

Photo by Erik I. Johnson

One (2006-11) from 28 Apr-6 May 2006, Jefferson: Grand Isle, near State Park at E. end of island; Phillip A. Wallace, (ph) Justin Bosler (ph), and Donna L. Dittmann (ph only). Originally found by B. Mac Myers III. This and the preceding record reported in NAB60(3):389.

Photo by Phillip A. Wallace

One (2008-30) on 19 April 2008, Jefferson: Grand Isle, vicinity of Bobby Santiny’s residence, Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff, and (presumably the same bird seen later in the afternoon in vicinity of TNC Landry-LeBlanc Tract behind Sureway Market) Devin Bosler (ph).

Photo by Devin Bosler

One (2008-46) on 25 May 2008, Terrebonne: Isles Dernieres, Trinity Island, along California Canal; Justin Bosler (ph).

Photo by Justin Bosler

One (2009-87) on 19 April 2009, Jefferson: Grand Isle, open area north of homes at end Landry Lane and Cemetery Road; Donna L. Dittmann (ph) and Steven W. Cardiff.

One (2010-84) on 1-14 June 2010, Jefferson: Belle Pass near Port Fourchon; Don Norman (ph).

Photo by Don Norman

One (2011-067) on 27 May 2011, Jefferson: east end of Grand Isle, Grand Isle State Park; Devin Bosler (ph).

One (2013-024) on 15-26 April 2013, Jefferson: Grand Isle, Grand Isle State Park; Tom Trenchard (ph), Mary Mehaffey (ph), Janine Robin (ph only), Robert C. Dobbs (ph), Phillip Wallace (ph), and Julie Amador (ph only).

Photo by Robert C. Dobbs

One (2013-028) on 19-27 April 2013, Jefferson: Grand Isle, vicinity of Birch Ln.; Erik I. Johnson, Dan O’Malley (ph), Phillip A. Wallace (ph), Jacob C. Cooper (ph), and Michael Hilferty (ph only).

Photo by Michael Hilferty

One (2013-053) on 19 April 2013, Jefferson: Grand Isle, TNC Grilleta Tract; Eric Liffmann (ph). One of three presumably different individuals at Grand Isle 13-21 April 2013; 2013-028 and 2013-024 already reviewed and accepted.

Photo by Eric Liffmann

One (2013-046) on 10 November 2013 and presumably the same individual to 26 January 2014, Plaquemines: Hwy. 23 between Alliance and Ironton; Phillip Wallace (ph), David P. Muth, Janine Robin (ph), Glenn Ousset, and Robert D. Purrington.

Photo by Phillip Wallace

One (2014-052) on 28-29 April 2014, Jefferson: Grand Isle, SW Corner of TNC Grilletta Tract; Molly Richard (ph).

Photo by Molly Richard

One (2014-053) on 2 May 2014, Cameron: Grand Chenier, Hwy. 82 near Rockefeller Refuge headquarters; Robert C. Dobbs (ph).

Photo by Robert C. Dobbs

Unaccepted Records

One (1995-58) on "Apr 31 and Mar 1" 1995, Gulf of Mexico: 12 mi. E of the coast of Venice, 29o15'22"N, 88o45'45"W; NASFN49(3):263. This record went two circulations, culminating in a 2-5 vote. Associated with this record were questions/concerns about the date range (as listed above in quotes), the lack of an explanation of the circumstances of the observation (e.g., whether the bird came aboard a boat or was on an oil installation), the superficial description, and that other kingbird species were not adequately eliminated.

One probable immature (1998-067) on 27 August 1998, Gulf of Mexico: 61 mi. S of East Timbalier Island, Ewing Bank 826 oil platform, N 28.163333o, W 90.356811o. Members generally agreed that the description was too brief and that the report did not adequately address elimination of similar species. It was also noted that there are very few fall occurrences for Louisiana and that hard-evidence would have been especially desirable in this case. The report was ultimately found unacceptable after a Fourth Circulation Discussion Vote.