Golden-crowned Sparrow,  Zonotrichia atricapilla

Number of accepted Golden-crowned Sparrow records for Louisiana = 2 as of July 2015

One immature female (93-77) from 18 Dec. 1993-7 Feb. 1994, Cameron: Hwy. 27/82 near West Jetty of Calcasieu River; B. Mac. Myers III, Steven W. Cardiff (LSUMZ 160683), and Donna L. Dittmann (*) (FN 48(4):695,890.

One immature (1999-74) on 18 Dec 1999, Cameron: East Jetty Woods, 2 mi. S of Cameron; David P. Muth and Peter H. Yaukey; NAB54(2):190. This is the second Louisiana record accepted by the LBRC; three older records have never been reviewed.