Brant,  Branta bernicla

Number of accepted Brant records for Louisiana = 5 as of June 2015

Accepted Records

One female (1974-05) on 17 January 1974, Cameron: Grand Chenier; A. W. Palmisano (LSUMZ 75523) and P. Bruner (*). First observed 15 January at Rockefeller Refuge and collected near the refuge headquarters 17 January (Lowery 1974); this represents the first state specimen (photo p. 12).

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann

One sex unknown (1976-08) on 22 December 1976, Cameron: just S Mobil Road at Holly Beach; Abner W. Cook (LSUMZ 86990; head/chest and wings, partial skeleton) and J. C. Smith (*).

Photo by Donna L. Dittmann

Two (1992-11) on 1 Feb. 1992, Jefferson Davis: junction Hwys. 380 and 382, approx. 1 mi. E of Thornwell; Donna L. Dittmann (drawing), Steven W. Cardiff (ph), and Curtis A. Marantz. Both birds were of the pale-bellied eastern subspecies hrota and were in association with Canada Geese.

One (1992-13) on 3 Feb. 1992, Jefferson Davis: 1/4 mi. N Hwy. 380, 2 mi. E of Thornwell; Curtis C. Sorrells. Possibly the same bird was reported 3 mi. E of Thornwell on 6 and 21 Feb. 1992; Charles A. Butterworth (card).

One (1999-66) on 17 Dec 1999, Cameron: Goose Island Road, Lacassine Rod and Gun Club, near blind #7 [Lacassine NWR-Thornwell CBC]; David P. Muth (ph), B. Mac Myers III (ph), and John P. Sevenair; NAB 54(2): 187.