American Black Duck,  Anas rubripes

American Black Duck was added to the Review List on 17 April 2010. American Black Duck presents identification issues in terms of hybridization with Mallard and similarities with Mottled Duck. Since addition to the Review List, the number of accepted American Black Duck records = 0.

Accepted Records

Unaccepted Records

Two (male and female shot by duck hunters; 2001-96) on 7, 13 January 2001, Vermilion: Freshwater Marsh just N of eastern shore of White Lake, at the end of the "Phillips' Canal". Many Members believed that the “male” could be an American Black Duck, but the photos did not adequately show the throat, crown, or speculum. Additionally, the speculum appeared too greenishblue instead of purplish, and had a white trailing edge that should be lacking on most pure American Black Ducks. Because the photos are of the mount (painted as an American Black Duck), true soft part coloration and especially that of the male’s bill is not known. Although we do not dispute the reporter’s account of these colors at death, photos of the freshly killed birds would have helped support this record. All Members agreed that the photos of the purported female were inadequate to eliminate a Mottled Duck.