Bachman's Warbler (Vermivora bachmanii)

Formerly nested; presumed extinct. Number of LBRC reviewed and accepted Bachman's Warbler records for Louisiana = 0 as of July 2015

Unaccepted Records

One female (1971-03; formerly 89-25) on 24 Apr. 1971, Orleans: New Orleans, City Park, Popps Fountain. Although some aspects of the plumage description favored this species, the foraging behavior, very carefully described by the observer, was inconsistent with what is known for Bachman's Warbler, and was more suggestive of Hooded Warbler.

One adult male (1988-71; formerly 89-71) on 6 Aug. 1988, Tensas/Madison: Tensas River N. W. R. All members were in agreement that despite the relatively good description of the bird, the duration of observation and the viewing conditions during the observation were inadequate to support the identification of such a rare, even possibly extinct species. Hybrid warblers are known, and without a careful study, it may not be possible to eliminate a hybrid. All members believed that diagnostic photographs or tape recordings would now be necessary to prove this species' presence in the state.

One adult male (91-03) on 23 Feb. 1991, St. Charles: south levee of the Bonnet Carre Spillway. The description lacked sufficient details and supporting photographs that would be necessary to accept a modern-day report of such a rare and possibly extinct species.