Eastern Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlark by Bill Bergen
© Bill Bergen
Sturnella magna
The eastern meadowlark, or "field lark" as it is often called, is in no sense related to true larks (which are uncommon here). It is instead more closely akin to the blackbirds. The bright yellow breast with the V-shaped band across the chest and its habit of singing loudly from fence posts, telephone wires, and haystacks in the vicinity of fields that are its home make it both conspicuous and attractive. It is common the year around, going about in loose flocks in winter and breaking up into pairs in early spring.
The song to me seems to say, "Laziness will kill you," the last two notes being slurred downward. The nest is built on the ground and is roofed over, making it very difficult to locate. The four to six eggs are white, spotted with brownish. --George H. Lowery, Jr., 1974, Louisiana Birds

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