LOS committed $5,000 to the Cameron Parish Police Jury to finance a birding observation tower at the Cameron jetty. The site selected is just east or slightly southeast of the RV parking lot at East Jetty Beach. The tower is a 15 feet x 15 feet platform on 8-12 foot pilings with a ramp leading from the surface to the platform. This allows folks to observe birds both to the west up to the jetty and pass as well as the large flock of birds usually found to the east. It also provides a good view of the marsh behind and to the east of the beach. This tower is a great asset to all birders visiting the area. LOS would like to thank those members and the Louisiana birding community who helped make this project a success.
Drawing was held at fall meeting Cameron LA October 25, 2003.
Here is list of the drawing winners:
Celestron Nextar 80GT Scope & tripod - J. B. Guillory
Eagle Optics/Wild Birds Unlimited Ranger Binoculars - Joan Brown
Bushnell Sentry Scope & Window Mount - Sue and Larry Wilson
Thayer's Birds of NA CD - Janis Harrison (new LOS member)
Avian Aquatics Layered Waterfall Rock - Virginia Rettig
Louis Agassiz Fuertes hummingbird prints:
Melvin Weber and J. B. Guillory
Birds of the Gulf Coast Lu and Grady Skillern
John O'Neill prints:
Aplomado Falcon - David L'Hoste
Blue-headed Parrots - Peggy Siegert
Great Texas Birds - Cathy & Phil DiSalvo
Sibley Guide to Birds - J. D. Guillory
Sibley Swallow-tail Kite print - Marianna Primeaux
Membership to Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Cathy & Phil DiSalvo
Gayle Strickland
Marianna Primeaux
Birder's World year's subscription - Cathy & Phil DiSalvo
Cabella quail print - Rosemary Seidler
Bird Watcher's Digest year's subscription - Pat Seager



photos by Dave Patton

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Avian Aquatics, Bill Fontenot, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Birder’s World, Bushnell, Celestron, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, David Sibley, Eagle Optics, John O'Neill, Thayer’s Birding Software, Wild Birds

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