Louisiana Rare Bird Alert
Monday, 14 February 2000
This is the current transcript of the rare bird alert that I recorded tonight. (834-2473 in New Orleans or 877-834-2473 for toll free access) Please let me know if I have left out any significant sightings or if you have more details for the sightings in this report. Send an Email to me at lehmane@gateway.net
This is the Louisiana Rare bird alert dated Monday, February 14th. This alert is sponsored by the Louisiana Ornithological Society and the Orleans Audubon Society.
A Golden Eagle has been reported soaring over the main pool at Lacassine NWR.
Sandhill Cranes have been reported flying overhead near McGinty on Highway 165 at the Arkansas-Louisiana border.
A western Kingbird was seen at the South West Corner of Capitol Lake in Baton Rouge.
Northern Gannets can be seen at Port Fourchon at the mouth of Belle Pass and a Greater-Black Backed Gull has been seen on Fourchon Beach associated with Herring Gulls.
A Scarlet Ibis was seen at the Cocodrie water tower in Cocodrie.
Black-bellied Whistling Ducks have been reported in Luling along the Mississippi River. Take the Luling exit off of I-310. The exit road ends on River Road, turn right at this intersection and proceed about a mile to the ADM Growmark grain elevator. Park at a school bus stop on the downstream side of the elevator, walk up to the top of the levee and look across the river. The ducks are visible standing on the bank and on barges in the river and flying between the bank and the barges.
Buff-bellied and Broad-billed hummingbirds continue to be reported at the Louisiana Nature and Science center in East New Orleans. The birds are found in the butterfly garden or the feeding stations outside the Interpretive Center.
The next update will be by Sunday, February 20th.
Compiler:Lee Ellis
RBA Phone #: 834-2473 in New Orleans
Toll Free #: 877-834-2473
Email address: lehmane@gateway.net.

Lark Bunting by David J. L'Hoste
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