Table 1. 2000-2001 Season Hummingbirds at 435 Pecan Drive -- December 2000
On this final version of our December 2000 calendar, all birds that occurred from late Fall 2000 through December are listed. Presence of a bird is marked with an *; if a bird is not observed, it is noted with a /. It is just as important to note when birds are missed. When a bird is presumed gone, additional slashes are removed from the final version so the last observation is reflected by an *. If we suspect a bird moved to or originated at a neighboring yard (e.g., Van's at 545 Pecan Drive, based on exchange of appearance info.) then this is also noted. Highlighting helps differentiate months when birds first appeared. We build on the same calendar as the season progresses so all birds are listed, even those that are no longer present (lack * or /). We keep track of some events that may reflect appearance or disappearance, such as the "death of all flowers" on 19 December, as well as nights with temperatures over 8 hrs. below freezing. We also note which days we were out of town and which days were work holidays (= more time to invest in looking for hummingbirds in the yard). The names of birds present for more than a week are boldfaced, this quickly shows the number of birds were present for only a short period.

Donna L. Dittmann

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