Figure 5. Myiarchus bills: side view (left), and from below (right). Average males are depicted. Top to bottom: A - Brown-crested magister; B - Brown-crested cooperi; C - Great Crested; D - Ash-throated; E - LaSagra's; F - Dusky-capped; G - Nutting's. Note overall similarity in length. Magister is appreciably larger than others; remaining species are extremely similar in size. Bill width varies to some degree: Brown-crested and Great Crested have widest bills; Ash-throated, La Sagra's and Nutting's have narrower bills. Bill depth varies slightly with Brown-crested and Great Crested being deepest. Dusky-capped has a more spade-shaped bill.
Myiarchus Figure 5 by Donna L. Dittmann - LOS News - December 2000
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