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Baton Rouge Dec. 30 Kevin Morgan
Bossier-Caddo-Bienville Jan. 1 Paul Dickson
Butte La Rose Dec. 16 James W. Beck
Catahoula NWR Dec. 16 Marty Floyd
Cheneyville-Lecompte Dec. 30 Marty Floyd
Claiborne Dec. 14 Nancy Menasco
Crowley Jan. 2 Marty Floyd
D'Arbonne Dec. 16 Joan Brown
Fort Polk Dec. 19 Jim Johnson
Grand Isle Dec. 20 Chris Brantley
Lafayette Dec. 28 Judith O'Neale
Natchitoches Dec. 23 Charles Lyon
New Iberia Dec. 23 James W. Beck
New Orleans Dec. 23 Glenn Ousset
Northshore-Slidell Dec. 26 Linda Beall
Bill Wayman
Pine Prairie Jan. 4 Marty Floyd
Reserve-Bonnet Carre Dec. 29 Melvin Weber
Sabine Dec. 17 Marty Guidry
Shreveport Dec. 16 Charles Lyon
St. Tammany Dec. 28 Linda Beall
Tensas River NWR ? Scott Somershoe
Thibodaux Dec. 17 Beth Maniscalco
Venice Dec. 30 Dan Purrington

Home ||  History ||  Officers ||  Join LOS ||  LA Birding Organizations
LA Checklist ||  LBRC ||  LOS News ||  LOS Sales ||  Meetings ||  Pelagic Trips
Local Contacts ||  Online Birding Resources ||  Featured HotSpot

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